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When Conner Sweet took a short ride from Hendersonville, TN, on to Lower Broadway in downtown
Nashville when he was 16 years old, he was at home.

A short five years later, he was playing at The Stage On Broadway and it was Sweet’s stage for the next
four years every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. It’s where he worked on his chops,
played the 90s country he loved and occasionally tried out a new song he had written. He had a band he
could trust; they were pros and at 25 years of age, he took the stage at The Hard Rock during CMAfest
with confidence.

Tracy Lawrence, one of Sweet’s heroes, had just released, “Don’t Drink Whiskey”, a song Sweet had
written. Sweet was also in the studio with David Dorn and Dan Wilson recording a baker’s dozen of new
songs, including “Sound Of A Backroad”, “Heartbreak Broken Record” and “Daddy’s Truck”, a real-life
ballad about finding and bringing home his father’s old truck.

Family is everything to Sweet, who comes from a long line of singers and musicians, so it was only
natural that music would be a main passion in his life. The authenticity of Sweet’s traditional country
style and his distinctive voice reflects early influences by country legends such as Jones, Cash and Strait,
Garth and Alan Jackson, as well as the current influences of Church, Aldean and Thomas Rhett.

Conner had a taste of success in 2020 on his very first offering when his song “Times Like These,” which
he wrote about the tornado that ripped through Nashville, resonated in the wake of the Covid-19
pandemic. It hit home, for many, and got played on the radio, reaching #37 on the Billboard Country
Indicator Chart and #22 on the Music Row Break Out Chart. It finished 2020 as one of the most played
country songs by an independent artist that year.

All the while, he was doing what he loved, playing for country music fans and writing the songs that
would be his future. If you’ve seen Sweet on stage, it’s likely when you visited The Stage On Broadway in
downtown Nashville and you were probably having a great time. So, as you could say, the stage is set . . .
And Conner Sweet is comin’ to town!





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